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How to Optimize Newspaper Circulation Press Run

by rttombs | May 2nd, 2015 | Blog

Your experience is probably that after collecting the returns from your drivers, you have an admin enter the returns into a spreadsheet and then painstakingly run a macro to come up with an optimized drop number for the subsequent press day. Anyway, that was City Print Distribution’s experience before I developed Distribution Deputy for them.

What I ended up developing was a web based tool that allowed for the live entry of returns by the drivers into a Palm Treo (circa 2007), and now into an Android or iOS device. When the driver enters the number of returns left in a box or at a dealer, the data is sent directly to the Distribution Deputy server for subsequent analysis.

Using the Press Run Optimizer the publisher can now take all of that live data, run analysis on cover story, color, historic return numbers and then instantaneously generate the press run for the next day. It is actually pretty cool. If you have any additional suggestions on the press generator, leave it in the comments.

Optimize Newspaper Circulation Press Run

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