Distribution Features

Newspaper Distribution Software

Drivers Dashboard

Provide your drivers with access to the Drivers Dashboard where they can enter their returns, download their current route lists and update their delivery sequencing. Save your distribution manager or assistant time from having to collect and enter all of the data themselves.

Dispatch Reports & Route Lists

The newspaper distribution software automatically creates dispatch reports and route lists once a press run is generated for the next publication. Export them to a spreadsheet or pdf and send them out to your distribution team.

Newspaper Distribution Software

Service Manager

The Service Manager allows you to record and manage all necessary newspaper distribution Service requests. Keep track of all required outstanding service, such as graffiti, damaged boxes, broken paper holders and broken doors. Export the Service list and send it to your Service tech.

Driver Payment Summary

Setup your route pay structure on the Route Manager, then go to the Driver Payment Summary and select the distribution dates you wish to use. The Driver Payment Summary will produce a report that will summarize payments by routes and drivers. Send the summarized report to your accounting department when it’s time to run payroll.

Newspaper Distribution Software

Routes to Map

Export your route data with the Audit Ledger Report and upload it to Google Maps. Use it to analyze and streamline your route sequencing and structures. Then share the maps with your driving team so they can access them on their smart phones with Google Maps.