Circulation Features

Newspaper Circulation Software

Circulation Dashboards

The newspaper circulation system allows you to view circulation in a number of ways to provide a better understanding of where the publication does the best and worst.

The Sales Reports can be viewed by Day, Week, Month and Year. You can also view your circulation metrics by Zip/FSA, City Areas and Communities plus even by Cover Story Categories. Select a category as a whole or drill down further by viewing by a Location Type with a selected category.

Single Copy Optimization

Once there is enough historical data collected, use the circulation system’s Draw Optimizer to optimize the number of papers being delivered to each location to increase the pickup and reduce the waste.

The Locations filter allows you to select locations based on Location Type categories and Zip’s/FSA’s. Next select the historical dates you want use to calculate the net copy average for each location. Then, choose an adjusting parameter, either a percentage or whole number, to determine the “optimized” draw for each location.

Reports & Charts

If you are looking for a quick view to see how a selected circulation category is doing, use the Chart view to look at the entire net copy pick up history. If there is an area on the chart that needs to be looked at closer, zoom in to that specific area for a better look.

If you are looking for more circulation detail, use the Table view with the filter feature to select only the days you are interested in. The footer at the bottom of the Table will provide calculated averages for the selected days.

Audit Manager

Use the Audit Manager to record all auditing. The Audit Summary will breakdown the number of audits completed in a month and day. The Audit Summary by Route will show the number of audits completed by route and the most recent audit date completed on the route.

Report to Map

Export your circulation data with the Audit Ledger Report and upload it to Google Maps. Use it for your own internal purposes to manage your circulation network or embed the map on your website and use it as a Location Finder for your readers.