Whether your a Publisher, Circulation Manager, Distribution Manager or all three, Distribution Deputy has something for you

Distribution Deputy can streamline the circulation of your newspapers, helping you to make sure they reach available readers. The newspaper circulation software has more than one benefit, and optimizing distribution is maybe the biggest and clearest advantage. The newspaper circulation software works very simply: it centralizes and analyses KPIs (key performance indicators), thus delivering you the relevant data you need, fast. Publishers and circulation managers can increase their number of readers, or readership. The application calculates how many papers were delivered, how many were picked up and how many should be further sent to each distribution location. Increase or decrease were necessary to gain greater pick up or reduce waste quickly and efficiently.

Newspaper Circulation Sales Reports
Newspaper Circulation Software

Optimize Your Newspaper Circulation

The newspaper circulation management system allows users to view circulation in a number of ways to provide a better understanding of where the publication does the best and worst.

See your historic trending, Optimize your press run based on Cover Story, City Areas, Day of the Week, Season of the Year. Adjust 1000’s of locations in seconds. Increase readership and reduce your waste at the same time.

Streamline Your Distribution Management

The newspaper distribution management system allows users to efficiently manage your drivers and routes. Dispatch reports and route lists are automatically created once a press run is generated for the next publication. Calculate your drivers pay by date, route, rate per drop and rate per paper plus any additional required payments, using the Driver Payment Summary.