About Distribution Deputy

Our Story

Distribution Deputy (by Data2Decision) is a cloud-based circulation management software system specifically designed for the free daily, free weekly and free monthly newspaper, magazine and print media industry.

Originally, the distribution management system was created for one free daily newspaper client back in 2007. The goal was to provide a more efficient, cost-effective way of processing the daily distribution data collected by route drivers. The initial need was to move away from basic, time-consuming, spreadsheet-based data processing to a time-saving, greater, more complex range of data manipulation, once enough historical data was collected.

Since then, the distribution management system has evolved into a dynamic circulation management and reporting tool, through continual development based on client’s needs.

Today, Distribution Deputy can handle a large circulation and distribution network, with 1000’s of locations and multiple routes & drivers, just as easily as it can handle a small circulation and distribution network, with only a handful of locations, one route and driver.

Meet The Team

Lon Lovestone (President)

Lon has over 30 years experience in the distribution newspaper industry, holding senior management positions at the Victoria Times- Colonist, B.C. , Calgary Herald, Alberta , Calgary Sun, Alberta , Winnipeg Sun, Manitoba and the Telegram in St.John’s, Newfoundland. Additionally, he was President of the Canadian Circulation Management Association in 2005-2006, a national newspaper organization that is dedicated to the advancement and betterment of daily circulation newspapers across Canada. During this time Lon was instrumental in restructuring circulation/distribution departments and leading management change during challenging times, increasing revenues and profits.

Ryan Tombs (VP Applications)

Ryan has 18 years of progressive experience in the field of Information Technology and Enterprise Application Development for commercial, governmental and non-profit organizations. In addition to traditional enterprise application development, Ryan has extensive experience developing “real-time” web-service based Electronic Data Collection systems for both the environmental and print media delivery/logistics industries. These innovative technologies are recognized for reducing project overhead, data entry costs while improving efficiency, reproducibility and data quality. Moreover, he has several years of experience applying GIS technology to the field of water resources, geotechnical investigations, and large U.S. Army Corps of Engineers projects involving Unexploded Ordnance (UXO). Ryan’s database/programming proficiency includes ASP.net, ArcSDE/SQL Server, Oracle, and Python.

Cory Evaskavich (VP Operations)

Cory graduated with a Geomatics Engineering Diploma, specializing in Mapping, from SAIT and has been working in the print media distribution industry for over 8 years. Cory has also worked as a delivery driver, dispatcher and supervisor for City Print Distribution. In addition to being the Operations Manager for Distribution Deputy, Cory is also involved in data management, mapping and route optimization for City Print Distribution and its clients, with the help of Distribution Deputy.