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    Optimize Circulation. Increase Readership.
    Reduce Waste. Streamline Distribution

    Newspaper Circulation & Distribution Management System

    Designed For Free Newspapers, Magazines and Print Media

    Optimize Circulation
    View your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from the Newspaper Distribution dashboards. Spend your time making decisions, not processing data.

    Increase Readership
    Breakdown your pickup by Zip, Location Type, City Area, Cover Story plus more, to determine where your readers come from and where you should be delivering to gain more. 

    Reduce Waste
    Save money on print using the single copy optimizer to trim the amount of returns at each location, based on historical pickup you receive live from the Newspaper Distribution software.

    Grow Revenue
    Show your advertisers where the hot locations & target demographics are located in your city and in the vicinity of your clients using your Newspaper Delivery Software

    Streamline Distribution
    Compare your best performing locations with your poorest performers. Cut the poor ones and add more new top performers to get the most pickup out of every location.

    Mobile Access
    Accessible from all devices with an internet connection. Update your circulation from home, the train or the office.

    Designed for Newspaper Circulation
    Publishers & Circulation Managers
    The Newspaper Circulation & Distribution Management System allows you to view historic trending and optimize press runs based on Cover Story, City Areas, Day of the Week, Season of the Year. Adjust 1000’s of locations in seconds. Increase readership and reduce your waste at the same time.

    • Circulation Dashboards
    • Sales Metrics
    • Single Copy Optimization

    Empower Your Sales Team

    Use the Spatial Sales Report to determine your distribution coverage around a specific address. Enter an address of a potential advertising client, select a radial distance (in miles or kms) around that address and view a map of all your distribution points and total circulation within the selected radius.

    Built for Newspaper Media Distribution

    The Distribution Management System manages your drivers and routes. Dispatch reports and route lists are automatically created once a press run is generated for the next publication. Calculate your drivers pay by date, route, rate per drop and rate per paper plus any additional required payments, using the Driver Payment Summary.

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